Sunday, 3 April 2016


Hi, guys! 
You probably don't know that i have a portuguese blog as well, called TrendybyTyana (without the "2"). And i also have a youtube channel in portuguese that i started when i was still living at Rotterdam.
I started that channel because i wanted to show to somebody else that everyone can do makeup. I mean, everyone who really enjoys the subject.

I never was into makeup until i was 24. And i was really terrible back then. I only started on praticing when i was 27, because i was doing some freelance stylist works and working side by side with makeup artists.
Omg! I was so terrible... Even lining my eyes with some black pencil was such a challenge! But i praticed until it started to look good.

These are some looks i really enjoyed to create on my portuguese channel:

For those who don't speak portuguese, i have some good news. I'm currently working on a new channel in english "TrendybyTyana2".

First of all, i need to practice my english because i'm living in UK for almost a year. I work in a factory in Essex that employs a lot of immigrants like me and i don't see british people often.
I'm not ashamed of my foreign accent or affraid to make mistakes, so it's a good way to make some friends who are interested on makeup.

My portuguese channel is more about makeup on dark skin tones. In Portugal, the difficult to find products that suit deeper skin tones is real.
On my english channel i would like to explore other areas i also love, like fashion, shopping and food. I'm really excited! I hope you join me on this journey.

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