Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Hi, my lovelies! When i was a kid, i used to love fairy tales... (Did i said i used to love? I mean, i still love. That's why i like to be called "Tiana"). 
I'm grown woman now (almost on my thirties), but sometimes i have a Cinderella complex. Sometimes i dream that a pair of shoes could change my life (wardrobe life or financial life. I'm not quite sure... Don't judge me).

My current obsession are these eye-catching Malone Souliers pointed mules. Orange suede, red leather narrow straps, a £425 price tag i can't afford... Oh, well, at least dreaming is for free!
There are other colours, but i've been obsessed with orange lately. I would wear them with an all white outfit, just to let those babies shine. I'm not even capable of walking on those heels, but at least dreaming isn't painful!

If you can afford my current obsession (i'm jealous, by the way), here is the link:

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