Sunday, 5 February 2017


Hi, guys! Recently i went back to the gym. I just made a decision and i enrolled in my local "PureGym". It was a friend who recommended that gym and i'm loving it so far. And that's why i'm recommending it to you (use the code "163P21002").
My favorite machines are the "stair stepper", the "treadmill" and the "rowing machine". I'll try some of the available classes someday and i'll let you know my thoughts. 

I'm also trying to eat healthier without starving myself or giving up the flavour. I also won't count calories anytime soon (who actually has the time for that?). I'm a busy person on a budget, who loves delicious food that doesn't take ages to prepare. 

Today was my day-off. I woke up late. I was so hungry! It had to figure out something that wouldn't take ages to prepare. The easiest meal that occured to me was the boring (but still good) bowl of cereals. 

I chose the "crownfield special flakes" with red berries as cereals that you can easily find at your local Lidl. Why? It was pretty inexpensive (£1.09). Also, any carb that contains 3g of fiber per 100g of product or above is good enough in my opinion.

I could eat with the Soy non dairy milk that is also sold at Lidl (£0,59), but it isn't my favorite non dairy milk to have with cereals.

I chose the "alpro coconut milk alternative" to have with the cereals i just mentioned. Why? I believe that non dairy milks are healthier than the "regular" dairy ones, and those make me feel less bloated as well. I chose this specific milk alternative because it happens to be on sale at Sainsbury's right now (£1.60 £1). You can also find (right now) the "alpro almond milk alternative" on sale at Iceland (£1.69 £1).

My lunch today was asian style stir-fry vegetables with chicken breast and prawns, white quinoa and spinach salad.

To prepare the stir-fry i used a non sticky pan: about 1tsp of sesame oil (i bought it from Lidl and it was limited edition from the asian food week); 1tsp of minced garlic (i bought it frozen at Iceland because i hate the smell on my hands); 1tsp of gratted ginger (Lidl); 1 minced chilli pepper (because i love the heat. The smaller and rounder the better. I bought it at Lidl as well); 2 pre-cooked chicken breast (because i was cooking for 3 people. I bought those at Iceland, chilled); some frozen prawns (i bought those chilled at Lidl, because it was on sale on that day, and i froze them); 1 bag of Oaklands Vegetable Stir Fry from Lidl (those that have mushrooms); Low sodium soy sauce; half a chicken flavour cube (i used the Knorr).

I bought the white quinoa at Lidl, because it was pretty affordable there, but unfortunately it was limited edition. It's really easy to prepare. You just have to rinse several times under cold water in order to remove the bitterness, place the measured quinoa in a pan, add boiling water and cook for 15-18 minutes until the water has been absorbed and the quinoa is tender. For each cup of quinoa, you use 2 cups of water. I didn't use any oil on that, but i putted some pink himalayan rock salt ( you can get it at Poundland and B&M stores for a fair price).

I bought the a bag of washed spinach at Lidl as a simple salad.

Later on the day
I had a smoothie.

I blend a smoothie portion (Iceland) with vanilla almond milk (Sainsbury's). 

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