Tuesday, 4 October 2016



Today i'm feeling lazy... I worked a 10 hours shift at the factory. Now, i'm just laid on the couch, while i enjoy a large cup of tea.
I have a clay mask on my face. I bought it at "99p store", but unfortunately the store doesn't exist anymore. So, it's pointless to show you.

The way i like to relax after a busy day is creating outfits, regardless price. I like to mix and match images of clothes, in order to create outfits i would like to wear. 
That's different from an "Outfit of the Day", because here i am not limited to pieces that are avaiable or affordable. It's just to have fun and give you some ideas to inspire your outfits.

Today i was on a "burgandy" mode. It's a rich colour that looks really good on autumn oufits. 

See my Makeup Suggestion:

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