Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Pink October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi, guys! I'm here to speak about "Pink October".

What's Pink October?
The Pink October is a movement of the fight against breast cancer. It began in 1990 in New York, and aims to raise awareness to people (especially women, who are the most affected) about the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Self examination and Mammography:
Self-examination should be done monthly. The best time to do it is a few days after menstruation when the breast is less bloated. For those who are in menopause, you can at any time of the month.
In self examination you should check for lumps on the breast or underarm, and if there is any nipple discharge, changes in breast appearance, such as swelling or the direction of the nipple.

Common fears with no evidence: Antiperspirants and Bras
There is no scientific evidence of the connection between the bra or antiperspirant deodorant and the development of breast cancer.

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